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Science Explorers At Home STEM Sampler Kit #1

Bloomington Youth / B.Y. Enrichment and Self-Reliance -
Fall 2020 Bloomington Youth and Adult Enrichment

Ages 8+  Have fun with three STEM topics included in this at home STEM Sampler Kit!  Practice with chemistry, aerospace, and electricity.  First, your budding scientist will explore the three most common States of Matter in our environment: a solid, liquid, and a gas.  As your child conducts the three fun and exciting experiments from the Activity Guide, they will learn that: a solid has a stable shape; a liquid will take on the shape of the container holding it; and that gas has no shape.  Next, discover the four forces that allow planes and rockets to fly: thrust, drag, weight, and lift as you experiment with these forces with fun, hands-on activities, while using a paratrooper to investigate drag; a disk launcher to explore lift and more.  Then, you will build and test an electromagnet and learn how the electromagnetic field was first discovered.  Children ages 8 - 11 should work with an adult on the experiments.  Children 12 and older can work with adult supervision.  


  Stacy Spitzak

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