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YEAR LONG Bloomington 1 Year Old Movers

2023-2024 Early Childhood Family Education -
Bloomington ECFE 2023-2024


This class will meet both 1st and 2nd semester (Year-long class). A one year old is on the move through crawling or walking. They are becoming independent and they want to discover the world. Come with your one year old to explore their first independent learning classroom. Our licensed teachers are ready and excited to share in that passion for learning. Toys and age-appropriate activities are provided to help learning occur at their eye level. Things like songs, short story board books, low shelves so toddlers can learn independently, and classroom staff who love creating learning that is age appropriate. Most classes will have parent education in the children’s classroom.

Gradual separation will happen throughout the year. Children must be 1 by September 1st to attend this class.

Please refer to the chart above to determine your level based on the size of your family and your income.  You will be able to choose one of these levels during the registration process. All families are welcome. No one will be denied participation due to inability to pay. 

IF you are registering at a fee paying level, one half of your payment will be taken upon initial registration and the other half will be processed mid-January. A receipt for each payment will be emailed to you after processing. Your class registration can be canceled at any time.

100-1B Monday SW (SEPT-MAY)
Southwood Center - 4901 W 112th St Bloomington, MN 55437 : 103
Mondays, Jan 22 - May 13
8:30 - 10:00 AM

  No Class Feb 19, Mar 4 & Mar 25


Full - waiting list