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  • Wish Upon A Ballet - Adventureland

    Ages 3-6  This is a dance program for children that incorporates popular children's stories as well as ballet stories to create a dance class that is more than ballet steps. Using musical instruments, parachutes and scarves, they will create a complete fairy tale experience while they skip, leap, jump and spin. This way, an introduction to the movements and vocabulary of ballet are taught in a fun and creative manner. Children will learn an appreciation of dance and music while developing strength and flexibility. Parents, family and friends are invited to a special performance at the end of the session. Come join the fun!  Girls and boys will need ballet shoes. Proper dance attire is required for both boys and girls: leotards, tights, shorts, or t-shirts. Contact instructor for more information. Ballet shoes are required and will be available to order on the first day of class for an extra fee.