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CONNECTED: How to Show Up For Your Kids in the Digital Age

Adult Enrichment / Personal Development -
Winter/Spring 2024 Bloomington Youth and Adult Enrichment

Help your child take advantage of opportunities online while avoiding risks.

Kids are spending more and more time online. Most schools hand kids a tablet or laptop without a parenting guide to go with it! You deserve evidence-based resources, not fear-based soundbites as you navigate escalating screen-time challenges. This self-paced online class cuts through conflicting information and delivers the essential parenting strategies for your child's digital wellbeing.

Best for parents of kids ages 8-16.

Three modules or “Sparks” plus ongoing access.

  • Spark 1 - Connect & Communicate: an introduction to being your child’s digital mentor. Communicating and coaching through digital challenges.
  • Spark 2 - Rest & Rejuvenate: prioritizing sleep, boredom, movement, and rest. Setting goals and changing habits.
  • Spark 3 - Focus & Fire Up: helping your child build their focused attention. Managing multitasking and practicing mindful media habits.

Take this class on your own schedule.


  Spark & Stitch Institute

Ages   18 yr. - 99 yr.

$ 45.00
3 Sessions